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Poor old uncle George comes to Lagoa

The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group’s spring production will be a play written by one of their own members, well known actor and playwright David Butler-Cole.

His new comedy, Poor Old Uncle George, has a fast-moving series of hilarious situations which will keep the audience guessing from beginning to end as we discover the complex family intrigues of the late Uncle George and his young and attractive widow.

Relatives and the local constabulary get involved in discovering things hitherto unknown about the deceased or for that matter his widow.

Jenny Grainer, who is helping with the play’s promotion, said: “The play while extremely funny is very much for adults.”

It will be staged at the Lagoa Auditorium from May 17 to 19.

David is currently involved with the film The Right Juice, for which he wrote the screenplay, now being shot in the Algarve (see above). He has also written several pantomimes for The Algarveans and directed the successful productions of Oh What a Lovely War and more recently his own adaptation of ‘Allo! ‘Allo!

Watch this space for further news.