Pool with no water

F.J. NORTH Lda is in the business of providing fun throughout the Algarve. It supplies and services pool and snooker tables (new and refurbished), ping-pong tables (indoor and outdoor), football tables, dartboards, air hockey tables, arcade machines, cocktail cabinets and pinball machines. Its aim is to improve your leisure time both in the bar and at home.

F.J. North Lda supplies a full range of domestic games room equipment to private households across the Algarve. Private customers are often surprised at how affordable it is to have, for example, a pool table at home. They find they save time and money buying from F. J. North Lda rather than direct from the UK. This is because the company is the exclusive distributor for a number of leading UK manufacturers and, therefore, has been able to arrange special discounts. In fact, F.J. North Lda guarantees that it is the cheapest in the Algarve.

F.J. North Lda always has a good stock available, so delivery time is usually two to three days, rather than weeks. Additionally, experts will be on hand to set up your equipment, offer advice and provide aftersales service; something no UK based supplier can boast.

F.J. North Lda also supplies coin-operated games room equipment to holiday centres, hotels, bars and restaurants across the region. All revenue is split on a 50/50 basis, so a pool table, air hockey table or arcade machine placed in a bar can serve as both an attraction and provide significant additional income. The company supplies, delivers and maintains the equipment at no charge.

F.J. North Lda has been around for more than 25 years and its number of sites is constantly increasing. One call could open up sources of revenue you have not even considered and consultation costs you nothing.

Contact Suzi on 912 264 905 for domestic sales or Steve on 917 846 242 for coin-operated equipment. Alternatively, download the company’s full product brochure and price list at www.fjnorth.net