‘Pool of blood' mystery near Portimão Hospital

Thursday (April 3) would have been a day like any other in Portimão – if it wasn’t for the huge “pool of blood” that appeared only metres from the town’s hospital.
The red substance looking and smelling “just like blood” was seen in one of the waste water outlets at the entrance to the hospital, leaving passers-by baffled.
“The colour and smell are identical to blood,” a patient told Correio da Manhã newspaper, which carried a picture of the waste water outlet. The same day a Resident reporter visited the site but the liquid had already been drained.
Officials from EMARP, the town’s water board, are also still scratching their heads. “We are analysing this case but cannot confirm where the substance came from,” a spokesperson told the Resident.
The biggest question centres on whether or not the blood was human and from which waste pipe it originated.
One thing does seem certain: it didn’t come from the hospital. Joana Sequeira, a spokesperson for the hospital, told us: “We have analysed the waste system and can confirm the blood did not originate here.”
So where did it come from? For now, no one seems to know …