Ministro da Administração Interna na presentação do concurso público internacional para o fornecimento de serviços ao SIRESP
Internal administration minister, José Luis Carneiro, considered the best minister in the PS government - Photo: MÁRIO CRUZ/LUSA

Polls show PS still slightly ahead, but PSD and right-wing “stronger than the Left”

After the year’s consistent political ups and downs, summer polls (with parliament in recess) shows PS Socialists would STILL win an election if it happened tomorrow, but only just. Gone would be the absolute majority that has enabled so many unpopular decisions – and the centre right/ right would, if the various parties joined/ voted together, be stronger. This Intercampus poll is not especially relevant; everything can change before elections are due (in 2026), and most people could forecast the results. Says Correio da Manhã, part of the media group that commissioned the poll, President Marcelo’s popularity has “risen again”, while all other political leaders have seen theirs fall. The country’s best minister (as most were already aware) is José Luís Carneiro, minister for interior administration, and a political figure who has managed this far to stay out of any kind of scandal and/ or controversy.