Polls put UN secretary-general António Guterres in running for Portuguese presidency

Opinion polls are back in force this week, with one ‘sounding’ of the people focusing on who they would like to see in Belém Palace when President Marcelo’s second term comes to an end in 2026. Yes, this is the start of the ‘silly season’ when there is very little to talk about so… the media gets (even more) creative. According to the poll conducted for Correio da Manhã/ CMTV and Negócios online, the four most popular choices, in this order are António Guterres (coming to the end of his second term as UN secretary general), António Costa (hugely popular, in spite of his government’s record for inconvenient activities), Pedro Passos Coelho (former PSD prime minister in the Troika years) and André Ventura (current leader of right wing party CHEGA).