Fernando Medina lost his seat as mayor of Lisbon last year, and was given a place in government a few months later Photo: MIGUEL A. LOPES/LUSA

Poll shows Health and Finance ministers are least popular members of government

The ‘feel-good’ factor of gaining an absolute majority in January’s elections is already beginning to pall, bigtime. A new poll taken this month shows the PSD under new leader Luís Montenegro is ‘gaining ground’ in terms of people’s voting intentions – and that the new finance minister Fernando Medina has managed – almost as soon as he took office – to become the least popular minister in government. Medina is followed by health minister Marta Temido, who only in April had been at the ‘top’ of the public’s perception for ministerial performance due to the way she handled the pandemic. Ms Temido wil be facing opposition fury in parliament today over the chaos installed within the State health system. Chega’s André Ventura is already calling for her resignation. Expresso has written that the government has known about the problems, particularly in obstetric care, for the last four years. “There are no excuses”, says the paper. “Nor are their predecessors to blame. The responsibility for what is happening today, and tomorrow, is her’s”.