Politician’s badly-parked car causes traffic chaos

A former minister caused major traffic disruption in Praia da Rocha, Portimão, on Thursday last week when he decided to park his car badly on a busy street, blocking the access to two buses packed with cruise tourists, who had to wait close to one hour until the driver was located.

Mário Lino, ex minister of public works, carelessly parked his top of the range BMW on Rua Engenheiro José Bívar, causing frustration among the bus passengers who were on a tour of the area after their ship docked in Portimão Port.

It is reported that the ship’s departure was delayed by one-hour because of the incident as it had to wait for the passengers.

According to a report in Correio da Manhã, Mário Lino, who was on holiday in the Algarve, was fined for bad parking.