Political candidate meets the  foreign community

English-speaking residents are invited to meet with the Almancil candidate for the PSD party, Rui Cristina along with Loulé Câmara mayor at the campaign headquarters in the town on October 7.

The meeting, which will be held in English and is due to start at 6pm, is aimed at giving foreign residents an opportunity to meet political candidates and ask questions informally.

Although the meeting is primarily intended for Almancil residents it is also an opportunity for foreign voters living in the Loulé council to meet the Câmara president, Seruca Emídio.

The PSD campaign centre is located on the main street of Almancil, opposite the Millenium Bank and near to the Lemon Tree restaurant.

After the meeting there is also the opportunity for participants to have a three course dinner with drinks at the Lemon Tree restaurant for 20 euros. Bookings are essential as tables are limited.

For more information about the dinner menu and to book, please contact Anne Pattis by email at [email protected]  If you would like to receive more information, in English, on the campaign in Almancil, email [email protected].