Polish kayaking grandfather paddles back to Portugal from …. New York

Anyone who remembers the story of kayaking Polish grandfather Aleksander Doba who set out from Lisbon for Bermuda last year (click here) will be tickled to hear he is on his way back, this time from New York. The bearded adventurer hopes to make it back to Portugal in time for his

70th birthday in September. This will be his 3rd transAtlantic crossing, but also possibly his hardest, he says.

Talking through a translator before he set off from Manhattan last Sunday, Doba explained: “The water is cold. There are a lot more currents and storms predicted. This will be interesting. I believe now I’m only dealing with nature. I know how to deal with nature and what to expect”.

Agence-France Presse says Doba will be paddling for eight to 12 hours a day, “not exactly anyone’s notion of grandpa in a rocking chair”.

Asked about his motivation, Doba is quoted as saying:”When people ask me about the dangers, I ask them: where did you get up from? The bed? Did you know that 95% of people will die in bed? So why do you go to bed?”

Already named National Geographic Adventurer of 2015, Doba has clocked up 96.000 kms in his yellow and white 21-foot kayak Olo. This latest journey is expected to add another 6000 kms to the tally.

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