Dear Editor, 

I am dismayed by your report that the ARH propose to demolish the existing restaurants at Praia do Garrão as part of their Polis programme to “develop” the area (Algarve Resident edition August 20).

This seems to me a retrograde step and, had I known of the proposal, I would have registered my opposition to it.

There has been far too much “development” in that area already. No need for more.

Were you aware of the ARH having made their plans for this area “available for public consultation and discussion to give people an opportunity to oppose the developments” (as you quote

them saying)?

I certainly wasn’t. Your article of August 20 is the first I’ve heard of it. Are we too late to object?

Were any notices about the proposals posted on the site? If so I failed to spot them. At Fuseta much information has been displayed to tell the public what is going on there, but nothing has appeared at Praia do Garrão so far as I am aware.

As one who has enjoyed the services of four of the six “businesses” concerned at various times over many years, I am very unhappy that they are to be demolished and want to understand the reasons for this high-handed action. Can you help me and other readers to find out?

Also, who is paying for all this and are the owners of the businesses being

paid compensation?

In detail, I am puzzled by the ARH word “requalification” in relation to “the access to the beach and the parking facilities”.

I presume there is a translation difficulty here, but it would be helpful to know what they mean by the word and what precisely they propose to do.



Dear Editor,

I have been reading in your excellent paper about the (Polis) proposed developments at Praia

do Garrão.

Is there anywhere I can find out more about this as it has said that there are to be some restaurants/ buildings demolished and new ones built.

I think this would be a terrific idea as there needs to be some sort of promenade at this point but without it becoming anything tacky.

More quality shops and restaurants would do

well here.


by email

Dear Editor,

Here we go again. First it was O Caixote, the Fish Restaurant at Olhos d’Água; a wonderful old building replaced by a clinical white

UPVC monstrosity.

Then it was the Quebra Coco at Praia dos Tomates replaced by a large wooden shed.

These businesses are tremendously popular and add character to the area Six into three does not go. And I can imagine the structures that will replace them … yuk. Is the Polis programme another name for the Algarve Tourism Prevention Department?

I fully support the Ria Formosa programme but there has to be a balance between conservation of wildlife and the environment and conservation of the Algarve’s main industry.



Dear Editor,

I think local administrations are of the view that if one is a businessman down here catering for the foreign visitor, who provides the lifeblood for the region, then you need to be screwed financially.

The blinkered logic being anyone from a northern European country is rich. Until the government and local authorities get their act together regarding being more business friendly and encourage foreign business/investment Portugal (and its people), will lack investment, employment and a decent standard of living.

A swathe needs cutting through the bloated local administrations (employees) and the senseless rules and regulations which are designed to promote ‘jobs for the boys’ and stifle business.

You could say that having five different rates for advertising hoardings provides a prime example of this needless stupidity in regard to generating business and thus income for people and tax revenue for the government.


by email

Editor’s note: Dear Readers, there are several Polis programmes covering different areas of the Algarve. The area of Garrão beach is included in the Polis Litoral Ria Formosa programme, which aims to protect not only the environment of the area but also the citizens against the effects of erosion. It is rare that the authorities will make a lot of noise about projects that are up for public consultation. In this specific project, the public consultation period has ended and it is not possible to object to it. The businesses won’t be receiving compensation but will have the chance to bid for one of the new establishments being erected by the authorities. The Polis programme is co-funded by the EC, the State, Câmaras and the National Tourism Board. For more information, you can either visit (only in Portuguese) or call Polis at 289 700 640.