Policeman saves woman from drowning

Carlos Lima had already ended his nightshift but decided to help fellow officers when Quarteira’s GNR police received a call that a woman was drowning off the local beach.

The 30-year-old officer’s life-guarding skills proved invaluable, allowing him to swim 40 metres to save a 40-year-old Brazilian woman who was struggling to stay afloat in the early hours of last Thursday morning (April 2).

In an official statement, GNR’s Faro district command stressed how despite the “lack of visibility and the rough sea”, Lima was able to safely bring the woman back to shore.

She was taken to Loulé’s health centre and was discharged in “good health”.

The GNR also commended a local man who tried to help Lima but was unable to, due to the “force of the tides and his own fatigue”.

While the GNR has established that the Brazilian woman was walking along Quarteira pier, it is still unclear how and why she ended up in the sea.