Police waste five hours on the trail of inventive lovers

A couple is now in danger of criminal prosecution over an escapade that wasted five hours of Lisbon police time. The issue centres on the bundling into a car boot of what eye witnesses thought was an ‘inanimate woman’. PSP agents set off in pursuit only to discover, hours later, that the woman had not been inanimate at all, and the bundling into the boot had been her idea to ‘spice up’ an extra-marital affair.

The idiotic story came out after agents tracked down the driver, a 57-year-old man who “swore on all things holy” that it had all been a lark to satisfy his 40-year-old married lover.

The flustered Lothario gave agents the woman’s contact number, and she was then faced with the kind of evening no married woman could possibly relish.

As stony-faced police drew up their report five-and-a-half hours after it had been erroneously called in, the couple now face charges for simulating a crime.

No mention meantime has been made of what the woman’s husband made of it all.