Police warn of rape gangs terrorising Lisbon holidaymakers

Police have issued a warning over a “new phenomenon” which has seen a number of foreign holidaymakers “gang raped” after nights out on the town in Lisbon.

The last known incident took place a week ago and has seen four young men from Switzerland (two of them Portuguese) detained, while their two English victims have apparently returned home to UK.

Police say many victims fail to make complaints as they are ashamed of the circumstances leading up to the rapes.

In all the situations reported so far, the attacks follow nights out at discos in the capital.

“Groups of young men from communities in problematic neighbourhoods trick young girls out on their own into believing they are keen to have a genuine relationship,” claims a report today in Correio da Manhã.

The victims can be strung along for a day or two, but all end up being raped by three, four or more of the men, and then left to their own devices.

In the last case, the two British women were left at a Lisbon hotel.

The story made television news headlines on Tuesday, with police warning young female holidaymakers to be on their guard.