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Police to join forces with military against the government

Following another weekend that saw thousands protesting against austerity in the nation’s capital, police have now revealed they may be joining forces with the military to express growing discontent against the government’s treatment of its security forces.
“Everything’s open (to discussion),” Paulo Rodrigues, leader of the association of police syndicates told Correio da Manhã on Saturday. “The problems facing both the police and the military are very similar.”
For the military’s Coronel Pereira Cracel, the men and women of the armed forces are living in a “kleptocracy” where the policies of austerity are “leading us to sentiments that are not in any way desirable, like revolt”.
Also talking after the demonstration that saw thousands of military past and present file silently through Lisbon’s streets to the now infamous steps of parliament, president of the April 25 Association, Coronel Vasco Lourenço, said the government has been acting in an “absolutely miserable way. They are destroying the Armed Forces”.
Contrary to the police demo a few days previously, Saturday’s protest by the military was calm. Young and old marched from Largo de Camões to parliament – many carrying black flags to show their discontent.
Referring to the orderly conduct of protesters, president of the national association of sergeants António Lima Coelho told Público newspaper that “the only steps the military want to climb are those that lead to justice”, suggesting that it was never their intention to invade the parliament building’s steps.