Police shutdown illegal party with 43 people in Albufeira

A party attended by 43 people was shut down by GNR police in Albufeira last Saturday (June 26).

All those who attended the event and “violated” the current rules to control the Covid-19 pandemic have been named official suspects (arguidos), the police force revealed in a statement to the press.

The party was promoted on social media which caught the attention of the police force. Following a series of “enquiries”, the GNR was able to pinpoint the venue. Upon arrival, agents heard the loud noise of music coming from inside the house.

Apart from identifying the revellers (aged 20 to 30), the police force also confiscated “dozens of doses of drugs, including hashish and ecstasy”, a sound mixing console, several speakers, a laptop, a tablet, two mobile phones and two external hard drives.

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