Police shoot man dead following high-speed car chase over Lisbon bridge

In at least the third incident this month where Portuguese police have shot a suspect dead, a man has been fatally injured following a high-speed car chase over Lisbon’s Vasco da Gama bridge.

As we write this text, special intervention units are being called to a purported ‘seige’ at a nearby café.

Pedro Reis, official spokesman for the GNR’s Santarém division, has told Lusa that the pursuit began shortly after 10 am this (Friday) morning “after three individuals in a car disobeyed an order to stop”.

The vehicle “ended up crashing in Porto Alto, in the borough of Benavente, where one of the men got out of the car and started firing in the direction of police agents, injuring one in the arm”.

“In response, the man was shot, dying at the spot”.

His companions made off on foot. One was caught, while the other is believed to have barricaded himself into a nearby café, next to a hypermarket.

The area has been evacuated and GNR special ops units are now in position.

Público stresses however that the GNR’s spokesman cannot confirm that the third man is in the café, or indeed if anyone is inside.

Updates to follow.

The other ‘incidents’ where suspects have been killed this month involved a 16-year-old in Gondomar, also after a police chase,(click here) and a man wielding an axe in Moita (click here).

MIDDAY: TVI television reports the third man barricaded inside a nearby café has now been arrested.