Police sergeant swept to his death by strong current in Messines

A reserve police sergeant who had been missing since Wednesday was found dead last weekend after his jeep was swept by a strong current in the Ribeira do Arade stream near the IC1 road in São Bartolomeu de Messines.

His body was recovered on Saturday morning (January 28), a day after his car was found “partially submerged”.

The jeep is believed to have got caught in the current, which was “much stronger” than usual due to heavy rains, in an area “often used by local residents” to cross the stream.

Police also suspect that sergeant Nunes, as he is described by national tabloid Correio da Manhã, got swept away while trying to exit the jeep as the driver’s door was open when the vehicle was found.

According to CM, Nunes had been a sergeant for the GNR police in Quarteira but was currently on the reserves list. He reportedly lived in Messines.

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