Police seize speedboat used to smuggle hashish from Morocco

PJ police have seized a speedboat that was docked at “an Algarve marina” and is believed to have been used to smuggle hashish between Morocco and Portugal and Spain.

Ten members of the drug-dealing organisation were arrested last week in Spain, and six have been remanded in custody.

According to Faro’s PJ, the organisation was based in Huelva, Spain and would use the speedboat to pick up the drugs in Morocco and then transport the illegal cargo to Portugal and Spain where it would be transferred onto other boats.

The speedboat would then be brought back to the marina “with no traces of the drugs”.

Faro’s PJ added that the organisation is facing charges for unloading two tons of hashish in Spain while an investigation is underway to link the group to similar cases in Portugal.

The operation was carried out with the help of the Portuguese Air Force and Spanish authorities.

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