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Police seize 2 tonnes of drugs, detain 21

Joint police operation in Portugal and Spain

Portugal’s PJ Judicial Police and Spain’s National Police Corps (CNP) have dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to the trafficking of illicit substances, seizing more than two tonnes of drugs and making 21 arrests, the Portuguese force has revealed today.

According to the statement, the PJ, with the support of Portugal’s National Republican Guard (GNR), served six arrest warrants, targetting those allegedly responsible for the drug transport network, while Spanish colleagues arrested another 15 people.

The investigation began last September when a heavy goods vehicle from Portugal was the target of an inspection in France, with the French authorities finding and seizing around 485 kilos of hashish within its cargo.

The PJ’s Northern Directorate was informed of the case and then sought to understand the size of the criminal organisation involved and identify suspects.

In the statement, the PJ explains that “evidence of the existence of a criminal group” was found in Portugal that “provided important drug trafficking networks based in Spain with a whole service of transporting large quantities” of drugs to other European countries. 

To this end, the Portuguese force notified Spanish counterparts, requesting surveillance of a lorry that left Portugal for a warehouse in southern Spain.

“The Spanish authorities followed the vehicle and, at the appropriate time, subjected it to an inspection, finding several bales of hashish weighing more than a tonne and detaining the driver,” the statement continues. 

“After searching the warehouse where the heavy goods vehicle had been, more bales of cannabis resin were found and seized, again weighing more than a tonne”. A total of , 14 people were detained “on the spot, in flagrante delicto.”

In view of confirmation of suspicions, the PJ proceeded to carry out searches and arrests on Portuguese territory, which resulted in the six arrests. Three of the individuals, suspected of heading the drug transport network, were presented to a judge yesterday, who ordered them to be held on remand.

The investigation is being overseen by public prosecutors at the Porto regional Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP).

Source: LUSA