Police searches for Maëlys reach inconclusive end

French authorities operational searches on the ground for missing nine-year-old Maëlys de Aguiar have reached an inconclusive end, with still no sign of the child whose father is Portuguese, more than three weeks since she went missing from a wedding reception in the French Alps.

Suspect Nordahl Lelandais continues to maintain his innocence, giving answers to all the inconsistencies of the case, say French reports.

Nonetheless, authorities appear convinced of his involvement, and Lelandais for now remains in police custody.

In the meantime, Maëlys’ parents and elder sister are apparently living from day-to-day, assisting police and simply waiting for news.

With their lives effectively ‘on hold’, tabloid Correio da Manhã explained last week that a local fund-raising effort has brought in nearly €30,000, designed to help them cope.

Meantime, French media has been reporting that among the wedding reception guests were no less than 10 convicted pedophiles.

It is an aspect that have seen many comments over social media, but which sadly still appears to have led investigators nowhere.

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