Madeleine McCann was three years old when she went missing from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007. To this day, there is no certainty what happened to her.

Police “run into brick wall” in bid to solve Maddie ‘murder’

German and British police have been in Portugal trying to solidify the ‘theory’ that German pedophile Christian Brückner murdered Madeleine McCann in Portugal and disposed of her body (click here).

But the reality, say all reports, is that ‘evidence’ implicating Brückner remains purely circumstantial.

The Sun has cited a source ‘close to the investigation’ saying “leads have dried up catastrophically” to the point the probe could be closed by the New Year.

The source added that the lack of new clues has come as “no surprise to the Portuguese team who worked on the original investigation” as they believed for a long time that the investigation into Brückner “is effectively a wild goose chase”, adds the Independent.

Brückner’s lawyer Friedrich Fülscher thinks it much darker than a wild goose chase – supporting the theory put forwards that this has been a calculated witch-hunt, determined to offload guilt onto a convenient scapegoat.

Talking about the convicted pedophile being targeted as the likely abductor of Madeleine, aged 3, 13 years ago, former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral said earlier this year that the only factor that would make him ‘more perfect for the crime’ would be if he was dead (click here).

There has never been any doubt in Amaral’s mind – and the minds of many others who have painstakingly researched this baffling mystery – that the revelations about Brückner would ultimately lead nowhere.

But that hasn’t stopped papers like Correio da Manhã today suggesting police are still trying to blame other sex crimes on the 43-year-old German, who is currently in prison in Kiel, serving out a sentence for the rape of an elderly American in Praia da Luz in 2005.

As one of the core group of the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann (CMoMM) forum – himself a retired police officer – has commented: “No investigation will ever get anywhere if it asks the wrong question. The BKA (German police) and Grange (British police), and for a time the PJ, are still asking: “Of all the paedophiles in Europe, which one abducted Madeleine between 9:18 and 9:20 on Thursday 3rd May 2007 ?” The question needs to be rephrased.“What happened to Madeleine ?”

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