Police round up rest of armed gang

Police captured three more members of a “dangerous” gang of men who, armed with sawn-off shotguns, carried out raids on homes and a jewellery shop in the Albufeira and São Bartolomeu de Messines region.

Three of the weapons were found hidden in a garage in the area of Montechoro, ready to be used in the next crime, and police also recovered a car stolen by the villains in one of their assaults which included a raid on the home of a woman teacher and a lawyer.

The loot taken by the gang in a series of armed robberies included gold jewellery and bank cards which they attempted to clone.

One of the gang, a 29-year-old Brazilian, had been arrested at Lisbon Airport last month as he was about to flee the country and fly back to Brazil.

Police are still trying to track down one more known member of the group who is still at large.