Police knew about death threats against Alvor acid attack victim “but little appears to have been done”

With TUI holiday rep Ellie Chessell still in recovery from the horrific injuries she received in a deviously-planned acid attack in Alvor last year (click here), British tabloids have revealed that police in Portugal and UK knew of threats being sent to her and her parents by ex-boyfriend Claudio Gouveia… “but little appears to have been done”.

“The threats were so serious Hampshire police sent officers in the Algarve an alert that said: “He needs to be located to safeguard the victim”, reports the Mirror.

According to prosecution papers, Gouveia – now in custody awaiting trial – sent one message to Ellie a month before the attack that read: “I will find you… you are going to die”.

He is also accused of sending a message to her parents in Newport, Isle of Wight, telling them: “I’m going to burn her face”, the paper continues.

There were other messages in which Gouveia is described as having pleaded with his former lover to go back to him.

The threats came as a result of her silence.

Says the Mirror, there was one in April (the month before her attack) which read: “I’m going to find you and take your head off. You are a slut and you are going to die”.

“Prosecutors claim he sent messages for two hours, adding: “You are going to make me do something silly. I am going to take you with me if you don’t reply”.

After the hideous dousing that saw her writhing in agony in front of stunned passers-by as her clothes literally “melted on her body like wax”, Gouveia is believed to have sent a message saying: “I’m looking forward to our next encounter. Like you said, you stuck with me forever”.

The horrific background to this terrible story is in all the major UK tabloids today, as Ellie Chessell is described as “having follow-up treatment for her burns and the post-traumatic stress she suffered”.

The prosecution’s case will allude to the abusive relationship Ellie had with Gouveia, before ‘fleeing’ to Portugal for what she thought would be a new life.

As the then 29-year-old woman has explained: “I had a career with TUI that I enjoyed and fully expected to continue. This has now been put on hold pending my complete recovery”.

For now, the trial date awaits the extradition of Gouveia’s alleged ‘accomplice’: the man who actually threw the acid, who Ellie Chessell had never met (click here).

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