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Police investigate disappearance of Scottish man living in Lagos

Jon Anderson Edwards, a 31-year-old Scottish man who had been living and working in Lagos for a week, disappeared without trace from his apartment on September 15.
His belongings – including his passport and mobile phone – were found at the apartment and his family and friends are “desperate” for information that could lead to his location.
A joint police investigation involving the Lagos PSP, who have confirmed the case, the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) and the GNR, is underway, while family members and friends are desperately calling for any kind of information that could lead to Jon’s safe return.
Speaking to the Resident on Wednesday this week, Jon’s mother Lesley Edwards says she is extremely worried about her son and, having already notified the Scottish police about his disappearance, will now be flying to Portugal at the end of the week.
“I don’t know what could have happened,” she told us. “We had been speaking through social media networks as he had only been over there for a week. I’ve been told he hit his head the day before he disappeared so I don’t know what state of mind he was in when he went missing.”
Except for this latest incident, previous events reported by Jon to his mother did not appear “out of the ordinary” to her.
Lagos businessman Dago Lipke, Jon’s employer at the Rockfood café in Lagos where he had been working as a sous chef, said he was the one who on Friday (September 19) let police know that Jon hadn’t been coming in to work for a number of days.
“Jon felt sick at work on Saturday (September 13) and went home. He didn’t show up on Sunday so I visited him at home, where he was resting after he had apparently hit his head. We told him to go to the hospital but he said he was okay. His roommate still saw him on the following morning but by the evening he was gone,” Lipke told us.
If anyone has seen or has any information about Jon, please contact the PSP in Lagos: 282762930.
By MICHAEL BRUXO [email protected]