Police investigate debit card fraud in Algarve

PJ police are investigating reports of cloned debit cards in the Algarve.

The complaints started in Lagos last summer and were followed by other cases in Tavira and Olhão in March, with the latest being reported in Faro.

“They withdrew €400 from my account,” one of the victims told Correio da Manhã newspaper. “The money was withdrawn in Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, but I don’t know where they cloned my card.”

According to CM, police suspect the cards have been cloned at ATM machines along the 5 de Outubro avenue in Faro.

Another alleged victim said that €600 had been withdrawn – small amounts over a period of time in order not to raise suspicion – before the card was cancelled.

The investigation is being led by PJ criminal police although most complaints are received by GNR and PSP police.

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