Poster from Movimento Zero, on Facebook
Poster from Movimento Zero, on Facebook

Police in protest threaten to hand in service weapons 

PSP agent who kick-started protests last month initiates new tactic

At midnight tonight, the PSP agent whose actions kick-started wider police protests throughout the country last month, will hand in his service weapon as he reports for duty.

It will stay there, vows Pedro Costa, until his shift ends – “and I will repeat the action every day until the State recognises and values the mission of the police”.

This was the message to colleagues yesterday – and since then (as before) Pedro Costa’s example has travelled.

Movimento Zero – the group representing PSP and GNR police, particularly over social media – has pledged to start handing in service weapons from 10pm on Wednesday, February 7. The development will also see further protests mounted outside police stations, say reports.

Tuesday saw over 20,000 police from all over the country converge in Porto, demanding respect/ better conditions and pay parity over ‘supplements of risk’ with PJ counterparts -already receiving a much-increased risk supplement compared to that of other forces.

Prison guards, who have also aligned their  struggles with those of police, have scheduled a strike to start on Tuesday February 13 and continue on until Sunday February 25. According to SIC, the strike will almost certainly compromise the transport of prisoners to court (courts also being subject to open-ended strike action by court clerks).

Police have stressed they are upping the ante because the government has money (‘miraculously’) to try and satisfy protesting farmers, but continues to say that it has “nothing for police”.

A scene from last Tuesday mass protest in Porto: Facebook

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