Police identify man whose body was found off coast

Portuguese police said yesterday(Wednesday) that a body that was found in the sea more than two years ago has been identified as that of a British man aged around 70.

The man, whose body was found around 25 miles off the Algarve coast on November 12, 2006, is believed to have committed suicide while on a solo cruise between Malaga and Funchal in Madeira.

According to the Policia Judiciária, at the time the body was found, the evidence collected, which included a prosthetic leg, was inconclusive, with the cause of death as well as the man’s identity and nationality remaining a mystery.

The man has now been identified using DNA evidence sent by the British authorities but the PJ have not released his name

“Based on the evidence collected, it was possible to identify the body, confirming a DNA match to a profile from Great Britain, from where the man originated,” said the PJ in a statement.