Police hunt hit-and-run driver who left 51-year-old ‘Comandante’ dying on road

GNR police are searching for the driver of a dark blue souped-up Audi A6 Avant seen speeding away from the accident that killed a 51-year-old biker known locally as ‘Comandante’, in Sítio do Chelote, Faro over the weekend.

Faro GNR’s Lieutenant-Colonel José Palhau told the Resident that police have already identified the vehicle’s licence plate and are now searching for the driver.

The accident happened at around 3pm on Saturday in front of “various witnesses” – some of whom tried to catch up with the top-of-the-range car as it raced off at high speeds.

Witnesses reported that the Audi driver caused the accident when he performed a dramatic u-turn in a place where any turning is prohibited.

As the car swung round, it is understood to have hit Vítor Silvestre “brutally”, leaving him dying on the road.

INEM rescue workers tried in vain to resuscitate, but death was declared at the scene.

According to eye-witness reports, the Audi displayed “tuning” alterations.

Silvestre, who lived in Montenegro, on the outskirts of Faro, was driving in the direction of São Brás de Alportel when the accident happened.