Photo: Horácio Villalobos

Police gather in Lisbon to show ‘displeasure’ at lack of government response

Gathering called by Union of Police Professionals

Police officers have gathered today in Lisbon at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to demonstrate their “displeasure at the lack of response from the government to the main problems” facing them.

Called by the Union of Police Professionals (SPP/ PSP), the initiative has been backed by four other unions, and marks the 34th anniversary of a dismal moment in police history when water cannons were used to quell a protest by police themselves.

SPP president Paulo Macedo told Lusa the gathering is taking place at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers due to the “symbolism (this location) represents” in a majority government.

“We want to show our displeasure for the absence of responses to the problems experienced by police officers, which year after year are getting worse without an effective response from the government”, he said, adding that union representatives will also deliver a manifesto demanding “the right to strike (something still prohibited for police), pre-retirement in accordance with the statute, a dignified risk supplement, a basic salary in accordance with responsibilities, an increase in the number of vacancies for coordinating agents and main chiefs, and an end to the feeling of impunity in relation to assaults on police officers“.

Today’s meeting began at 11am, and involves members of the national police union, the autonomous police union association, the independent union of police officers and the police officers representative association.

Source material: Lusa