Police forced to shoot in air after being surrounded in Lisbon

In another ‘complicated incident’ involving police and ‘neighbourhood residents’ in Lisbon, agents were forced to shoot in the air to dispel a crowd that was gathering around them.

Say reports, the crowd was attempting to stop police arresting a suspect in Quinta do Loureiro.

The man, wanted for questioning over thefts and suspected drug-trafficking, was eventually taken into custody following the arrival of police reinforcements.

This was just the latest incident in areas around the capital that have been registering heightened issues since confrontations in Bairro da Jamaica (click here).

In a bid to calm tensions, President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa made a surprise visit to the rundown ‘bairro’ (without a press entourage) and will be returning, apparently, to commemorate the next ‘anniversary’ of the residents association.