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Police fine in the post

Dear Editor,

I opened a letter this morning.  It was from the PSP and was a fine of €120 for using a mobile telephone whilst driving.  

The officer had seen someone in my car from his office at the PSP roundabout as you enter Lagos on November 14.  Having checked my phone records I cannot find any calls that were made but my car is used often by my friends and work colleagues.  

What worries me are three main things. 1) The officer provided no proof as to the identity of the driver; 2) The letter was sent unrecorded and if it had got lost then point number 3) would have been the consequences.

The fine rises to €600 and between one to 12 months loss of licence if not paid within the 15 days.

I am presumed guilty unless proved innocent. This is the new police state that we are now living in.


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