Police find explosives

POLICE HAVE detained two Spanish men after officers discovered that their truck was packed with more than a ton of explosive materials. The two individuals were travelling in a lorry with Spanish plates when they were arrested 170 miles north of Lisbon.

A spokesman from the PSP’s Department of Arms and Explosives revealed that officers had acted after an anonymous tip-off. The confiscated material, which was produced by a Spanish pyrotechnic firm called Pablo, was believed to be heading for re-sale to the black market in the north and centre of the country. However, the two men had no documents showing the origin of the explosives, nor any written authorisation for their transportation.

The suspects, aged 30 and 50, are currently free pending judgement at Guimarães court. Aside from the crime of avoiding taxes, they are accused of the transport and illegal trade of explosive materials, an offence that carries a sentence of between two and five years. Superintendent Coroado, the head of the department concerned, stressed that the operation resulted from normal procedures and rejected any link to the events in Madrid.But he acknowledged that the terrorist threat had made officers redouble their investigations into explosive materials.