Police find decomposing body of French motorhomer

The decomposing body of a 70-year-old French tourist was found inside his motorhome in Vila Real de Santo António on Monday night (March 23), reports Correio da Manhã.

The newspaper says that the man was found after a passer-by heard the victim’s dog barking inside the motorhome, which was parked on Rua Montemor-o-Novo.

PSP police were called to the scene at around 10pm and found the man’s body, which was in “advanced stages of decomposition”, in a sleeping bag.

The case has been taken over by the PJ criminal police.

Contacted by the Resident, PJ’s Faro division confirmed it is still investigating but that there are no signs of any criminal activity that could have led to the man’s death.
PJ detectives are now waiting for official confirmation from the autopsy.

CM added that the man was travelling Europe in his motorhome.

(Picture shown is not of actual motorhome)