Police dismantle cannabis cultivation and processing lab

A 26-year-old Portuguese man cultivating and producing cannabis in a greenhouse in his home which was guarded by a Pitbull dog was finally tracked down and arrested by Faro GNR police.

The clampdown came after an investigation of several months which culminated in the authorities obtaining search warrants for the house in Sítio de Pinheiro, Tavira da Luz, as well as two vehicles.

They found 95 mature cannabis plants, some three metres high and weighing about 100kilos, 302 grammes of dried cannabis leaves, enough hashish pollen to produce 2,248 doses, 35 bags of foreign imported cannabis seeds of various types as well as books on how to grow and produce cannabis.

A hunting rifle and five air rifles were also confiscated along with two precision balances, a laptop, €4,741 in cash plus various equipment used to plant, irrigate and harvest the cannabis.

The detained man, said to have previous convictions for drug offences, was due to appear in court last Friday.

A GNR press release revealed that so far this year a total of 29 cannabis growing locations have been discovered resulting in the arrest of 26 individuals and identification of five others.