Police detain serial thieves

Olhão police officers have detained two men, one a 24-year-old Ukrainian, the other a 21-year-old Portuguese man from the town, suspected of carrying out 20 robberies between them. Police had already detained four other men in connection with the robberies, before the latest arrests.

Investigations had been underway since last August, a period that saw an unusually high number of robberies in Olhão and the surrounding area. The Ukrainian detainee is suspected of carrying out 12 robberies in the area, including the theft of a car, as well as construction materials, electronic equipment, sportswear and gold valued at 10,000 euros. The Portuguese man is suspected of eight thefts and robberies. Police also believe he is linked to two other suspects being questioned by the authorities.

The group in question also used children to burgle houses, one of whom has been sent to a correctional centre by the Court of Families and Minors.