Police catch up with armed Loulé kidnap trio

PJ police have at last had some success with investigations into a double-kidnapping in Loulé last year, in which both victims were badly beaten and trussed up in a car – one being held in the boot.

The attack took place outside a bar in the early hours of a November morning.

The two men were bundled into a waiting car by three men – one of whom was brandishing a sawn-off shotgun – and driven to a patch of waste ground where they were badly beaten.

The trio then left their victims locked in a car while they made off back to the house of one of the men’s mothers. There they held the woman and another person hostage while they used the victims’ multibanco cards to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM machine.

The trio finally made off with “other objects and items of worth”, and police have been trying to locate them ever since.

According to CM, agents eventually tracked down one of the cars involved, and discovered vestiges of the attack.

In doing so, they were able to make the first arrest: 26-year-old man who has since been remanded in custody.

The other two members of the group remain ‘at large’, writes CM.

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