Police catch petrol station hold-up suspects

TWO YOUTHS, a Portuguese aged 18 and a German aged 20 were detained in the borough of Silves last week, suspected of carrying out an armed robbery at a petrol station in Paderne on February 15, and attempting to hold up a petrol station in Algoz a day later. The arrests were possible due to a joint operation by the GNR and Polícia Judiciária.

Police also recovered a 22-calibre revolver and a baseball bat thought to have been used by the robbers to commit the crimes. The young men were required to appear at Albufeira court this week, where the judge ordered that they be placed in prison while awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, in Quarteira, a man, aged 38, was detained by the GNR on Sunday morning (February 19), when he was caught robbing a café in Rua Patrão Lopes.  The assailant is apparently linked to 20 other robberies.