Police catch Britons attempting to smuggle drugs

POLICE ARRESTED three Britons aboard a fishing boat 77 miles off Cape St. Vincent (Sagres), attempting to smuggle ashore a large quantity of hashish at the end of last week.

The men, aged between 37 and 62, were detained in an operation to crack down on drug smuggling by the Portuguese and Spanish authorities. The men, aboard a boat named Guiding Light, tried to escape the authorities by launching their illegal cargo into the sea. However, the police were able to recover part of the load and proceed with the arrest of the men.According to a police source, one of the men had been wanted by the police since February 2004, suspected of using the Algarve coast as an entry point into Europe to smuggle in large amounts of hashish.

The three detainees are currently on remand in Faro prison awaiting trial.