Police bring weekend of terror under control

An organised gang, which raided Multibanco ATM machines in the Algarve last month, brought terror to social housing neighbourhoods in Setúbal over the weekend.

By early morning Tuesday, 150 PSP, Special Operations Squad and Intervention Squad police managed to bring Setúbal’s Bairro Azul and Bela Vista neighbourhoods under control after two days of violence which had seen several cars and rubbish bins set alight.

The four-day reign of terror and violent attacks by various inter-linked gangs, with as many as 40 members, follows a string of armed assaults on ATMs, cafés and supermarkets up and down the country in which three million euros was stolen.

On April 29, the GNR police detained two individuals after a shootout in Alvor after a gang robbed a Multibanco ATM inside Portimão’s Hospital Particular de Alvor.

One was hospitalised with serious injuries, which eventually led to his death, while two other suspects succeeded in fleeing the scene. 

The violence in Setúbal was said to be sparked in revenge for the police shooting of two gang members, both drivers of stolen getaway cars involved in the robberies.