Police break up two illegal parties in Lagos and Albufeira

GNR police had to break up two illegal parties in Lagos and Albufeira last Friday (June 26) attended by dozens of people despite constant pleas from the authorities to avoid large gatherings.

One of the parties was taking place in Barão de São João near Lagos. There were so many people in attendance that pedestrians and vehicles found it difficult to access the area, the police force said in a statement on Saturday.

The owner of the establishment was identified by police and the revellers were asked to leave.

On the same day, police were also called to break up a party with dozens of youngsters who were drinking in public in Albufeira.

Authorities in Portugal have been urging citizens to avoid large gatherings like the illegal party held in Odiáxere, Lagos on June 7, which is said to have attracted around 200 people and was the epicentre of a new Covid-19 outbreak. So far, around 119 cases have been directly or indirectly linked to the party.