Police break up late-night party in Almancil involving British and Irish youngsters

GNR police were called to break up a late-night party involving dozens of young British and Irish holidaymakers at Praia do Garrão in Almancil on Wednesday night.

Many of the youngsters were reportedly drunk and refusing to leave one of the beachside restaurants, prompting the owner to call authorities for help.

“With the current restrictions, we have to respect the laws and, after a few drinks, some of them forget,” Martin Kerr, owner of one of the beachside restaurants, told RTP.

He added that he has known most of the youngsters for many years and that they “love coming to the Algarve”.

Police were able to disperse the crowd although many revellers tried to ‘keep the party going’ at nearby establishments, forcing agents to cut off access to the beach until they left.

RTP reports that these kinds of late-night parties involving alcohol and young tourists have become common place, particularly in Vilamoura, where police are “frequently called to break up parties at private houses”.

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