Police arrest two more suspects

PJ police have arrested two more people believed to have been involved in the case of James Ross, who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured by a group of British men in a villa near Boliqueime.

According to the police, the latest people arrested are a couple. The man is allegedly involved in the kidnapping, while the woman is suspected of being involved in a cannabis factory near Lisbon discovered by the PJ police during their investigations.

The factory, said to have been run by a British gang, was found in the municipality of Montijo, after a joint investigation by the PJ police, the National Counter Terrorism Unit, the police science laboratory and the national unit for combating drug trafficking.

In common with four men already arrested, these new suspects are British.

James Ross, who was found in Alfontes near Boliqueime on October 18 after being held in captivity for 13 days, was attracted to the Algarve on October 5 by a member of the group, who he allegedly owed 12,000 Euros to over drug dealings.

According to the police during the days he was kept in captivity the kidnappers tortured him by cutting off fingers and an ear.

James Ross has returned to Wick, Caithness, in Scotland, where he lives with his wife, but is in a secret location under police protection. Investigations into the case by the PJ continue.