Police arrest thieves who targeted vulnerable pensioners in Loulé, Faro and Tavira

Police have arrested two men in their late 20s believed to be part of a gang who violently attacks and robs pensioners in the Algarve “the day after they receive their monthly pension”.

Their ‘modus operandi’ involves attacking and threatening the pensioners at gunpoint until they hand over their pension, reports Correio da Manhã tabloid.
Crimes have been reported in Loulé, Faro and Tavira.

In one case, the robbers managed to get away with €1,500 in cash from a victim.

GNR and later the PJ criminal police began investigating the suspects and were able to track them down as part of the ‘FarOeste’ operation in Faro.

The two suspects, 27 and 28, were heard by a judge on Friday and await trial in prison.

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