Image: from PJ's Facebook
Image: from PJ's Facebook

Police arrest suspect over Seixal murders

Suspect also believed to have been behind area’s recent spate of muggings

The suspect in the fatal stabbing of pensioner Ilda Rodrigues earlier this week has been run to ground by police within less than 24-hours.

Tabloid reports say the man is a drug-addict who lives in Seixal. He is also thought also to be  the killer of 20-year-old Fábio Veríssimo, stabbed to death in the area over Christmas.

The 24-year-old is equally under investigation for a wave of muggings that have left residents admitting they “no longer feeling safe” on the streets.

Correio da Manhã claims searches of the suspect’s home have resulted in the apprehension of various weapons, namely knives, which will now be forensically tested, to see if they can be linked in any way to the murders.

This arrest was managed in “record time”, says CM, as fears were there could be another fatal stabbing.

The other muggings in the area, all involving knives, did not result in injuries because the victims handed over their valuables without resistance. It was the resistance of Ilda Rodrigues and the much younger Fábio Veríssimo which ‘triggered rage’ in the killer, who will have been desperate for money, to pay for a new ‘fix’, explains the paper.

Rage has been established because Fábio was stabbed “almost 10 times”; Ilda at least five.

The suspect is due to be presented in court later today.

Meantime, police are understood to have increased their patrols of the Amora district of Seixal, in a bid to calm the population’s anxiety. ND

Source material: Correio da Manhã