Police arrest murder suspect

The Judicial Police have arrested a 23-year-old man for the murder of a prominent Lisbon nightclub owner. Artur Esteves, a 55-year-old empresário, was violently attacked at his home on the evening of Sunday, September 5, and found dead by a cleaner the following day.

Police believe the attack may have occurred when the suspect spurned the homosexual advances of Esteves, but they refuse to confirm at this stage whether he is gay. The man is currently in police custody after he confessed to the crime. Police said Esteves’ death was violent and followed a succession of blows to the body.

Police investigators have revealed that the suspect in question was not a total stranger to Esteves. Several of the deceased’s close friends at Tramps nightclub, owned by Esteves, believe that the two got to know each other through the internet. What is becoming clear is that Esteves and his regular partner, a young man from Palmela, had had a serious argument a few weeks ago. Police believe that this may have led Esteves to take another lover.