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Police arrest mother who jumped from bridge holding son

Susana Pereira, the woman who leapt from a bridge in Barcelos clutching her six-year-old son last month, has been arrested by PJ police after spending several weeks in a psychiatric ward.

She was heard in court yesterday (July 14) for the first time since the tragic incident that led to the death of her son and shocked the nation on June 17.

Susana is accused of the murder of six-year-old Carlos, found dead hours after his mother jumped from the bridge into the waters of Rio Cávado. She was rescued by a local but a search operation had to be put in place to find little Carlos.

Visibly distraught, Susana arrived in court yesterday accompanied by two lawyers, according to national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

The woman will now await trial at the Braga mental hospital where she remains wearing an electronic bracelet.

Doctors who have been working with Susana say she should continue her “psychiatric treatment”, which the paper adds “can also be done in prison”.

The woman’s unstable mental health was reported in several news sources after the horrific ordeal.

Apparently, she had already tried to commit suicide with Carlos and her other two-year-old son a week before but was stopped by locals.

Susana tried again a week later at the Santa Eugénia bridge in Barcelos, this time dragging just Carlos with her.

It is reported the woman left behind a note that read: “I’m not well. I’m going to take Carlinhos with me, he is closest to me.”

Susana was apparently suffering from depression as she suspected that her husband was having an affair.