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Police arrest 6-year-old who kicks headmaster

Police in a small Indiana town, America, hauled a six-year-old from his elementary school and charged him with battery and intimidation after he kicked and threatened a principal, police said.

The Indiana student, who had been suspended from school recently for biting and hitting a staff member, was arrested on April 18 at Hendricks Elementary School in Shelbyville, which is about 30 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

“This was not an isolated incident,” Shelbyville Police Lieutenant Michael Turner said. School officials called police reporting that the student, who was not identified, had kicked head master Patrick Lumbley and told him and assistant head master Jessica Poe that he was going to kill them, a Shelbyville police report said.

The student was yelling and screaming and lying on the floor of Poe’s office when police arrived, the report said.

Poe led the student to a police car where an officer placed him in the back seat, buckled him in and drove him to the police department, the report said. He was not handcuffed.

Source: www.news.yahoo.com