Police apprehend Vilamoura petrol station raider

A 20-YEAR-old man, suspected of carrying out two armed robberies at the Galp petrol station at the entrance to Vilamoura (on December 12 and January 5), has been arrested.

The man, who is a resident from São Bartolomeu de Messines, had already been identified by the authorities and was caught on Saturday (January 14) by members of Vilamoura GNR in the car park of the resort’s casino.

The GNR were carrying out a surveillance operation at the car park where several vehicles have recently been the subject of break-ins, but were surprised to find that a car was parked there matching the details of the one used in the recent petrol station robberies.

After confirming their suspicions by verifying the details of the number plate held on file, the GNR kept a close watch on the car, a red BMW, while they communicated the development to Faro PJ, the force responsible for the case. However, while waiting for the police inspectors from Faro to arrive, the suspect appeared on the scene accompanied by another individual. When attempting to get into the BMW, the pair were approached by the officers who proceeded to formally deliver them and the vehicle to the PJ in Faro.

According to a report in the Correio da Manhã newspaper, the man offered no resistance when arrested and has confessed to carrying out the two robberies at the Vilamoura petrol station. The man will appear in court in Loulé this week for a first hearing.