Police agent saves choking baby’s life in Lagos

In just two minutes, agent Pedro Leão was able to clear the baby’s airways

A police agent from Lagos has been named a local hero after saving the life of a 15-day-old baby who choked while being breastfed.

Agent Pedro Leão came to the aid of the distressed mother who stopped her car on the roundabout near the local PSP station on Thursday, June 29, seeking help for hew newborn daughter who at the time “was not breathing and showed no signs of life,” reports Faro PSP’s district command on its Facebook page.

The police agent immediately took the baby, whose face was “completely purple,” and began performing life support techniques whilst also asking his colleagues to call emergency services.

After just two minutes, agent Silva was able to clear the baby’s airways using the Heimlich maneuver, prompting the newborn to burst into tears.

Minutes later, a team of firefighters from Lagos arrived at the PSP station and provided further assistance to the child. The baby was then transported to Portimão Hospital, where she is reported to be out of danger.

Note: Article updated on Friday, July 7 with the agent’s correct name.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]