Police acts over river smells

Officers from the GNR have warned Cascais Câmara to clean up Manique River and get rid of the bad smells and accumulated rubbish that are affecting residents. A source from the GNR’s Nature Protection Team said that “information was sent by fax” to the Câmara, warning them about obstructions in the river and the bad odours that can, apparently, be detected “between Rua de Santa Inês and the Manique road”. “After receiving a complaint from a resident, we sent a letter to the câmara to explain the situation. The river is strewn with wood and iron, something that leads to the water stagnating – and, because of this, the river does not flow naturally and gives rise to bad odours,“ added the GNR source. Meanwhile, a spokesman from Cascais Câmara claimed the local authority did not know about the situation, but stressed that “as soon as we get the information from the GNR we will take immediate action”.